Episode 3 of “The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2," titled "Love Sick," kicked off where last week’s episode concluded. After “Challenge” veteran Diem Brown complained of a stomachache to her teammate and on-again, off-again boyfriend Chris “CT” Tamburello, he offered to stay behind in the Panama challenge house and care for her. She declined his offer, ordering him to go out and party with their fellow competitors following the last elimination challenge.

Despite obeying her wishes, CT admitted her well-being was on his mind. “You can’t help but think about Diem,” CT said. “But after we leave, I’ll go back and check up on her.” 

Unfortunately for CT, he was immediately greeted with bad news about Diem’s condition after arriving back at the challenge house. After an MTV producer informed him that Diem had left the premises after stating she wanted to receive medical care, CT planned to rush to her aide. “I go into panic mode and all I want to do is see her,” he said. 

Despite his desire to visit Diem in the hospital, MTV producers barred him from going to the facility, citing his drinking as the cause. “I just want to know what’s going on,” CT told the cameras. “I feel hopeless. I feel like there’s nothing I can do. You can’t help sometimes but to think the worst. After everything she’s been through, I’m worried about her. A lot.”

After being disallowed from visiting Diem, producers put him on the phone with his former flame. Much to his delight, he said he felt relieved after discovering she sounded “great” and was able to joke around. “She’s already making fun of me. Telling me to shut up. [To] stop being a meat head,” he said.

Despite not arriving back at the challenge house until the next morning, CT waited for Diem in her bunk. Finally, in good spirits, he shared this quip with a smile: “I’m waiting in Diem’s bed because she’s been out all night and I’ve got some questions to ask her about where she’s been. I’m not buying this whole hospital thing. If you ask me, it sounds a little shady.”

His happiness, however, was short-lived when he awoke to discover Diem was still ill. Diem, who was shown walking crouched over and crying, was carried by CT into a production vehicle and transported to the hospital. While Diem was away getting medical treatment, CT gathered the housemates to make a welcome home present for her.

“When she comes back and she sees this care package we made for her, I think it will make her feel better. Bring a smile to her face,” CT said.

Following CT’s touching gesture, host TJ Lavin called an emergency meeting in the nominations room. With CT present, he revealed that Diem’s medical condition would further enable her from continuing in the competition. Despite CT revealing that he would be more than willing to leave the game with Diem if her condition were serious, Lavin sent him packing before he was given the chance to quit. 

“I am at the point in my life where I want to just live life,” Diem told the cameras, later adding, “By having a partner like CT with me, it gives me some sort of weird relief that somebody is in my corner and that feels comforting.”

Diem was diagnosed with stomach and colon cancer in August following her time spent on the “Challenge." The cancer later traveled to her liver and lymph nodes. She passed away at the age of 34 in New York City Nov. 14. 


In light of Diem’s winning spirit, the game continued. This week, the remaining teams competed in the “On Again, Off Again“ challenge. The competition required each team to hang onto a spinning tire above a body of water. The slowest team, Simone and John, were sent straight to the dome elimination challenge. The winning team, Sarah and Jordan, were named the power couple for the first time this season.


After creating an alliance with previous power couples, Wes and Theresa and Johnny “Bananas” and Nany, Sarah and Jordan decided to send a pair of rookies into the dome. Unfortunately, Adam and Brittany from Season 1 of “Are You The One?” were the chosen ones.

After both teams faced off in an eating challenge, Brittany and Adam walked away with the win. 

Remaning teams:

Johnny “Bananas” and Nany

Johnny and Averey

Leroy and Nia

Jordan and Sarah

Adam and Brittany

Wes and Theresa

Zach and Jonna

Jay and Jenna

Knight and Jemmye

"The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2" airs Tuesdays at 11 p.m. EST on MTV.