The latest installment of MTV’s “The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines” ended on a cliffhanger. While viewers will have to wait until Wednesday to learn if Tony and his brother Shane will be sent home, MTV has already announced another veteran will enter the game in episode 4.

Viewers will remember Tony was injured after falling 30 feet into the water during the challenge "Meet Me Halfway" in episode 3. He complained of back pain after the game and was treated by medics, but returned to the house on elimination day. Before walking to the pit he revealed he felt as if he were going to black out, but denied medical attention. En route to the elimination he fell to the ground and was taken to a hospital. His fate was left unknown, but MTV’s summary for the upcoming installment teases a new team is coming in episode 4, which could mean the end of the line for the brother duo. 

“Cara Maria’s ex, Abram, enters the game with his brother and threatens to be the biggest wild card,” the synopsis for “#cornessa” reveals. 

Abram’s appearance on “Bloodlines” was teased in the series trailer. In one scene in confronts Cara Maria over rumors she’s hooked up with another contestant. “You wanna tell me you love me. P.S. I’ve been f---ing other dudes,” he says. While it appears the couple has since corrected their relationship issues -- Cara Maria apologized for cheating on Abraham on Instagram earlier this month -- it seems viewers will have a lot of drama to look forward to in episode 4.

Elsewhere in the upcoming installment, veteran Aneesa’s romance with Corey will heat up. But their love may be short-lived. MTV’s synopsis teases that a “scored veteran” will confront her “rookie hookup when she hears some harsh confessions.”

“You know I’ve got my girl back home that I’m in love with and, you know, me and Aneesa it’s not going anywhere,” Corey admits in a sneak peek. 

“That’s not going to fly, at all,” Aneesa says. “I demand respect and that’s it.”

Watch the sneak-peek video below:


“The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.