At the conclusion of episode 2 of “The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines” host T.J. Lavin revealed this season’s twist — the veterans and their relatives would no longer compete as partners. Lavin expanded on the season’s rules in episode 3, explaining that the cast will be split into two teams.

Lavin chooses Cara Maria and Jamie, the winners of episode 2’s challenge, to pick the teams. They are each instructed to pick a veteran, which will then send that veteran's kin to the other person's team. After making their picks, Cara Maria’s red team consists of Johnny Bananas, Candice, Tony, Brianna, Corey, Camila, Anthony, Thomas, Rhianna and Dario. Jamie’s blue team has Leroy, Vince, Shane, Jenna, Mitch, Nany, Nicole, Larissa, KellyAnne, Stephen, Aneesa and Raphy. Cara Maria says her lineup worries her, calling her cousin’s group “stacked.”

The Challenge

The third challenge requires the two teams to play “Meet Me Halfway.” The contestants are told they must bring flags from one side of a platform to another using a swinging bridge while hanging 30 feet above water. The team to transfer all 30 flags fastest wins. 

The red team competes first. While some teammates fall into the water and get injured, they’re surprised by how well they perform. Candice requires 10 stitches to the mouth after hitting her face on the ground in a jump. Tony misses the jump and falls into the water, saying it “knocked the wind” out of him. 

When the blue team competes, several of members fall into the water, including Johnny Bananas’ cousin Vince, Cara Maria’s cousin Jamie, veteran KellyAnne and Camila’s sister Larissa, disqualifying the blue team. Lavin announces the red team as the winners and says the blue team must pick a team with a female on it to compete in the pit. The red team must also pick a female team from the losing group to send into the pit.

After the challenge is complete, Tony says he has back pain and is looked at by medics. They advise him to get medical attention at a clinic, saying he may have broken some bones. 


The blue team returns to the house and deliberates over who to put into the pit. The majority votes for Larissa. When Camila finds out she and her sister are most likely headed to elimination, she voices her upset to her fellow cast members.

“My sister. Like what the f---, why? If this game is going to get cutthroat right now, honey, you’re all in for a treat,” Camila says.

The red team reveals they’re considering Nany or Jenna to up go against Larissa. Ultimately, Larissa and Camila and Jenna and Brianna are sent into the pit. 

Tony’s Return

Tony is released from the care of doctors on elimination day. He calls his return to the house a relief and says he doesn’t want to say he’s hurt ever again because he doesn’t want to miss out on another day of “The Challenge.” Hours later, Tony reveals he’s suffering from stomach cramps and says he feels as if he is going to black out. He gets ready to attend the elimination round anyway. A producer makes him decline to receive medical treatment on camera, and he does. 

While walking to the pit, Tony faints and lies unmoving on the ground. An ambulance is called and he is taken to a hospital. 

Episode 3 ends on a cliff-hanger with Tony’s fate and the fate of the two female teams sent into the pit unknown.

“The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on MTV. What did you think of episode 3's cliff-hanger? Sound off in the comments section below!