The tension is only getting thicker on “The Challenge: Rivals III.” After “Are You the One?” Season 3 alums Amanda and Nelson arrived on the series in episode 3 as replacements for Averey and Leroy, Amanda did not bond well with her MTV castmates, and it appears the drama will continue in next week’s installment.

A sneak peek of episode 4, “I’m Going Home,” shows Amanda going head-to-head with Tony, Camila’s partner. The scene reveals Amanda and Tony, who previously exchanged unfriendly words in episode 3, comparing their experiences on MTV’s “Real World” and its “AYTO?” during an early-morning talk, which results in a heated moment.

“How is ‘Real World’ better than ‘Are You the One?’” Tell me. Go,” Amanda challenges Tony. The “Real World” alum goes on to share his thoughts about that show, which frequently requires the cast to work, being a harder experience than “AYTO?,” which often showers the cast with drinks and nights out.

“I had to deal with real s---,” Tony says. “Like, if you’re broke, and you can’t pay for a bar tab. On ‘Are You the One?’ you’re in Hawaii. They’re giving you everything for free. You’re privileged.”

Amanda takes Tony’s examination of the differences between the two series as him “hating on” her. When Tony raises his voice at Amanda, Jessica, who had a flirtatious fling with him this season, attempts to calm him down and reminds him he’s talking a woman, but it doesn’t work. After he lets out a string of insults aimed at Amanda, she gets in his face.

“I was on a better show than you and you’re just mother f-----’ jealous,” Amanda yells. Tony walks away without responding, but Camila stands up for her partner. When Amanda tells fellow “AYTO?” alum Simone she believes they get treated different from the other challengers, Camila calls her out.

“You do that to yourself, 100 percent,” she says. “I was listening to the entire thing.”

“Tony thinks that everyone should feel sorry for him,” Amanda later tells the cameras. “You’re stupid because as soon as you air out your dirty laundry every single person in this house is going to piss all over it.”

Watch the sneak-peek video below:


While the throwdown between Amanda and Tony is sure to be a big moment in the forthcoming installment, it won’t be the only drama. The synopsis of the next Season 28 episode reveals host T.J. Lavin will host a fiesta for the cast, but “a rumor threatens to turn friends into enemies.” It sounds like MTV may have a new set of rivals after this episode.

“The Challenge: Rivals III” airs on MTV Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EDT.