Challenge Rivals 3
Ashley and Cory may find a target on their backs in episode 3 of “The Challenge: Rivals 3.” MTV/Facebook

The competition is in full force on “The Challenge: Rivals 3,” and the contestants are not just fighting for the grand finale prize. A promo for next week’s installment of the MTV series shows a female cast member getting upset when one player goes for a veteran she previously romanced.

In the preview, Ashley gets emotional when Jamie, last season’s “Bloodlines” winner, hits it off with Nicole during a club night. As previously reported, Jamie and Ashley hooked up in the premiere as the rest of the house watched nearby. A sneak peek for episode 3, “The Replacements,” reveals that her reaction to learning of Jamie’s new love interest will cause some drama with her co-stars.

The morning after her night of “wild behavior,” Ashley catches her roommates Simone and Jessica talking behind her back. As she gets ready in the adjoining bathroom, she hears Simone call her “crazy” and Jessica laugh in response.

“Seriously you guys, don’t be b----es,” Ashley says to the women, calling their actions “shady.” “If you’re going to act like you’re nice to me, then don’t go behind people’s back and talk s--- or makes faces.”

Simone advises Ashley not to give others something to talk about if she doesn’t want to hear negative comments. She also accuses her of being a camera hog. “If you don’t want people to talk about you, don’t give them nothing to talk about. Yesterday you made a big a-- f---ing scene so now people think that you want to be on camera.”

We’re guessing the challenge in episode 3, which TV Guide’s synopsis reveals will be “intimate,” won’t help matters. The promo for the new episode shows the teammates gliding across a greased pole with their rivals of the opposite sex.

While a few contestants go head to head over issues unrelated to the game in episode 3, the arrival of some newcomers may remind them of the real purpose of the competition. The synopsis reveals that two unknown players will make an appearance after Leroy and his partner Averey were prematurely removed from the game in episode 2 because of his back injury.

Unfortunately for Ashley’s partner and former “Real World: Explosion” co-star Cory, her troubles may hurt his game plan. “This is her first time. I’ve done one of these before. I’ve kind of learned the ropes a little bit. We don’t want to make any enemies,” the one-time champ told MTV in a sit-down with Ashley prior to the season premiere. “At this point, we’re just going to play our game and try to win.”

Ashley said she would try to follow Cory’s lead but couldn’t make any promises that she would stay under the radar. “I’ll be the nicest person ever, but then once I feel insecure or I get hurt then I’ll really f---ing flip.”

“The Challenge: Rivals 3” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.