It has all the ingredients of a perfect film script-hacking of phones of celebrities and royals, police corruption and the unholy alliance of media and politics. So much so that a murdered girl’s cellphone was tapped and conversations of friends and families of dead soldiers were eavesdropped.

So are there any takers? Already comparisons are being made between Oliver Stone movies and the drama being acted out in the Murdoch saga. There is news that a TV movie on the Murdochs by Channel 4 is being revived, reports Metro. The script, by Peep Show writer Jesse Armstrong, was rejected at the time for being too media-centric. When pitched to Hollywood studios, the script was blacklisted as one that would be never make.

Now that Murdoch's company has hit the headlines again, the broadcaster has revived the film, with Camilla Campbell, Channel 4's head of drama, confirming that The Murdochs is in 'active development'.

Veteran journalist , Bob Woodward of Watergate fame has predicted that there would soon be a book on the News Corp scandal.

But, who will play Rebekah Brooks? The obvious choices would be Julianne Moore or Nicole Kidman, both redheads. Tilda Swindon may be a good choice too. How will the role play out? Meryl Streep’s take on Miranda Priestly will be too fashionably restrictive, Glenn Close’s role in The Paper too realistic. Maybe she deserves a story of her own.

Rebekah Brooks has been catapulted into the international media glare after the scandal broke. Known to be of the Chipping Norton Set, meaning she belongs to the upper crust of the society where she counts three prime ministers and royals as her set. James Cameron, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are all counted as good friends.