The city of Chardon, Ohio, is reeling after an apparent murder-suicide rocked the Cleveland exurb Tuesday morning -- five months after the small city grieved for three students killed at Chardon High School.

Police identified the victims of the murder-suicide as a couple going through a divorce, although they would not release their names and ages because family members were yet to be notified of their deaths, the Cleveland Plain-Dealer reported.

The murder-suicide occurred around 9:35 a.m. Tuesday at Cooke's Complete Service Center, an auto repair shop at 500 Center. St. in Chardon, according to the Plain-Dealer.

Chardon Police Lt. Troy Duncan said a semi-automatic handgun was used in the shootings and that one of the victims died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, the paper reported. The murder-suicide took place outside of the auto repair shop.

The murder-suicide occurred roughly five months after Chardon, which has a population of about 5,000 and is approximately 40 minutes away from Cleveland, was grieving for three students killed at Chardon High School back in February.

Chardon High School student TJ Lane, 17, admitted to killing fellow classmates Daniel Parmertor, 16, Demetrius Hewlin, 17, and Russell King Jr., 17, as they waited in the school cafeteria to catch a bus on the morning of Feb. 27, Fox 8 Cleveland reported.

Three other students - Joy Rickers, Nick Walczak and Nate Mueller, were wounded in the school shooting.

The Chardon High School shooting coupled with Tuesday's murder-suicide led Chardon residents and their former neighbors to lament the shootings plaguing the small Ohio city.

Chardon was trending on Twitter in the Cleveland area.

another chardon shooting? really. honestly. wow. #prayforchardon, tweeted @emilylindsey98.

Another shooting in Chardon.. #sosad, wrote Abbie Blankenship.

An ex-Chardon resident said they were fortunate to have relocated out of the city in wake of the shootings.

Another shooting in Chardon? I'm glad I moved, it's too wild over there, said @f0reverjasmyn.

Some Twitter users and Chardon residents said the murder-suicide may be the impetus for them to move out of the small Ohio city.

Chardon, I loved you all my life but now i think its time to move away, said Aaron Gutowski.

Many tweets referenced the hard times Chardon is going through following the two recent shootings.

Chardon has been through so much just in these past 5 months, my heart goes out to all of them, opined Marissa Turick.

People are going crazy.. Chardon's been through enough, as if they need more drama and deaths to deal with, added Angelina Nero.

It's been a rough year for the city of chardon #prayforchardon, said Mike Melinz.

Remember when chardon was just another little ordinary town on the map? Wish we could go back to that #PrayForChardon, said Brady Kaucic.

While most Chardon residents feel the city has taken a turn for the worst in light of the shootings, one resident says their view of the small Ohio city hasn't changed.

I still don't consider Chardon 'unsafe,' said Megan Fuerst.