Coulomb technologies announced in a press release that the Charge Point America, a $37 million project, will be expanding into six more cities which are Baltimore, Md., Tampa, Fla., Boston, Santa Barbara, Calif., Ventura, Calif. and Santa Cruz and Calif.

The Charge Point America Program is an initiative which will be providing 4600 public and home charging point networked charging stations by October 2011. Coulomb technologies is a leader in the electric vehicle charging systems and application services with the charge point networking now operating in 14 countries. The Charge Point America Program was announced in June 2010. Since the announcement the company has installed public charging stations for electric vehicles in Southern Michigan, New York City, Orlando, Fla., Washington DC, Sacramento, Calif., the San Jose/San Francisco Bay Area, Bellevue/Redmond, Wash., Los Angeles and Austin and Texas.

Our ChargePoint America program has seen tremendous success with new charging locations added to the ChargePoint Network every day, said Pat Romano, president and CEO at Coulomb. The expansion is intended to serve the growing driver population in important EV transportation corridors, and reducing the dependency on oil. Robbie Diamond, Executive Director, Electrification Coalition said, The electrification of transportation is the most efficient solution for ending our nation's dangerous dependence on petroleum. Because electrification is a transformative technology, it will require some amount of new infrastructure. To provide consumers with the confidence and flexibility they need, vehicle chargers are nearly as crucial as electric cars and trucks themselves. In this sense, programs like ChargePoint America are a critical step away from oil dependence toward a cleaner, safer, stronger nation.

There are also charging point network driver support services provided by the company. Real time status and location of unoccupied charging stations, tracking of green house gases and gasoline savings will be communicated to the public though SMS alerts, emails and through smart phone notifications. According to the press release stations can be configured to provide free access and the station owners can also reap the benefits like, Promoting their stations on the largest network, comprising thousands of EV drivers, recovering energy costs with PCI compliant driver billing, tracking and reporting energy usage and savings for greenhouse gas and fuel, setting multiple service plans for EV driver usage, creating flexible billing options for their customers without a subscription via contactless credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover), accessing round the clock station monitoring and driver support services, posting custom advertising and greetings on the charging station display.