A photo of Charles Barkley wearing a tight shirt went viral after it was posted on Deadspin. While the shirt clearly does not fit Barkley, it does not belong to the NBA Hall-of-Famer-turned-analyst.

Deadspin received the picture from a reader with the subject “Charles Barkley Swapping Shirts with a Bro.” Next to no details have been revealed about the event or why Barkley is wearing a tiny shirt. Media reports agree that Barkley swapped shirts with someone, but that individual is still unknown.

Ball Don’t Lie, a Yahoo Sports blog, offers further speculation about the photo and the many mysteries surrounding the night’s events. Ball Don’t Lie jokingly notes that Barkley would seem like the type of man who would gladly swap shirts with someone and wear a ridiculously undersized shirt for a few laughs. The blog also speculates that the man with Barkley could possibly be, but probably is not, Matthew Lawrence, younger brother of Joey Lawrence. The man is celebrating something, as noted by the bottle of champagne, but once again there are no concrete answers to be found.

Barkley is known for his sense of humor as well as his tendency to say off-the-cuff remarks on air that lead to plenty of laughs. Most recently, he served as an analyst during the 2013 NCAA Tournament. In addition to offering insights to the games being played, Barkley also unleashed some trademark one-liners including, “Where the hell is Florida Gulf Coast?” and “I don't got a college degree, but I got a lot of people working for me who got one,” notes SB Nation Detroit. Barkley’s performance during March Madness has received its fair share of criticism, most notably from former University of North Carolina coach Matt Doherty, notes Awful Announcing.

Unfortunately, Barkley does not have a Twitter account and has not discussed the photo in question.