Charlie Sheen screamed at his children while on the red carpet for Tyler Perry's new movie premiere, according to Yahoo. It's no surprise when the volatile actor makes a scene in public, even if it's berating his own kids.  

While on a family outing to go see the premiere of Madea's Witness Protection in New York Monday night, the actor abandoned the event, US Weekly reported. The former Two and a Half Men star bailed on his two daughters, Sam, 8, and Lola, 6, and ex-wife Denise Richards. In true winning fashion, Sheen threw a tantrum before ultimately storming away.

What prompted him to explode? His bashful daughters did not want to walk on the red carpet.

They're shy, an insider explained of Sam and Lola. They just wanted to see their mom's movie.

But that was unacceptable for their father. Charlie bugged out and flipped out on them, the source said. Sheen even reportedly screamed, 'Why am I even f--king here? This is the photo opp I wanted!'

He tried to coax Richards, the mother of his two daughters, into forcing the girls to walk the carpet with their raging father, but she refused, obviously.

Sheen apparently had intended a nice family trip to New York, but things did not go quite as planned, according to an insider who spoke to Us Weekly. He indulged in a drugs and escorts, trashing his suite at the Ritz-Carlton, the source alleged.

But Sheen's manager, Mark Burg, told the New York Daily News the accusations are false, It's not true. I spoke to the hotel and there was no damage to the room. We checked out and everything was fine.

Burg made it clear, There were no escorts. There was nothing.

Hookers or no hookers, Richards is still upset over Sheen's outburst at the premiere.

Denise is kicking herself for not learning her lesson, a source told Us Weekly.

The actress wanted to give her ex-husband another chance after Sheen told Denise that this was a chance for a 'do-over' of their disastrous trip to New York from the past, the source says. Denise was very clear with Charlie that he had to be on his best, best behavior if they were to do this again. She didn't want to put the girls through another nightmare.