Charlie Sheen confirmed recent rumors when he appeared on "Today" Tuesday morning to reveal that he is HIV-positive. The announcement shocked viewers who were unsure whether the rumors, which surfaced one day prior to his revelation, were true, though even his children didn't know before.

According to TMZ, four out of five of Sheen's offspring were unaware that he had been diagnosed with HIV. The 50-year-old former "Two and a Half Men" star is said to have told his eldest daughter, Cassandra, 30, about having the disease before his appearance on "Today." His youngest children, Sam, 11; Lola, 10; and 6-year-old twins Bob and Max, are said to have found out about their father's illness along with the rest of the world on Tuesday. TMZ reports the revelation was especially hard on his school-aged children, who now have to deal with potential ridicule from classmates. 

Shortly after Sheen's "Today" interview aired, his ex-wife Brook Mueller confirmed that she does not have HIV. In a statement from her spokesperson, Steven Honig, fans learned that she had received countless calls from concerned friends and family and wanted "to put their minds at ease." The statement revealed that neither Mueller, 38, nor her two sons, Bob and Max, were HIV-positive.

During the interview Sheen claimed that he had reached out to ex-wives Mueller and Denise Richards, who is the mother of Lola and Sam. He revealed to Matt Lauer, who conducted the interview, that he found out he had the disease in 2011 around the same time he split with Mueller. She is said to have gotten tested "immediately." While his ex-wives were aware of his status, it seems some of his other girlfriends and flings may not have been so lucky. Sheen acknowledged that he had unprotected sex after learning of his diagnosis. Former girlfriend and adult film star Bree Olsen has come out as saying she was completely unaware Sheen had contracted the disease until three days ago. She is said to have videotaped herself getting tested and revealed the results, which were negative, on "The Howard Stern Show."

Although news of his HIV-positive status was only made official today, it has been reported that it was initially exposed in the Sony hack of 2014. According to Mirror Online, one of the many emails stolen by Sony hackers and released by Wiki Leaks included an exchange in which executives mocked Sheen for being "a drug addict and be HIV positive." The email reportedly included a link to a story claiming the actor was struggling to work on the set of "Anger Management," the show which he was hired to star on after a falling out with "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre.