Charlie Sheen can certainly use his catch phrase winning to describe his latest Twitter feat.

Less than one week after the troubled actor opened a Twitter account, he has reached more than 2 million followers.

The Two and a Half Men star used the social networking site to make the announcement.

fastball; #DogSpeed all. Another record shattered. We gobbled the soft target that was 2.0 mil, like a bag of a troll-house zombie chow.

He later tweeted, hey Guinness, might wanna start writing them in pencil, #checkit; you've been warned.

Lady Gaga currently holds the top spot with the most followers. She has 8,607,514 followers. Justin Bieber, Britney Spears and Barack Obama trail the pop star with the most followers.

Sheen has been riding the wave of fame over the past week with multiple appearances on television interviews. The actor also hosted a live webcast Saturday night where he addressed his fans. The webcast attracted more than 100,000 viewers and Sheen kicked off by telling his sons he loves them. He also showed off a new tattoo on his left wrist that reads winning.