An engagement doesn’t come without drama on “Chasing Life.” April (Italia Ricci) and Leo (Scott Michael Foster) got engaged in last season’s finale, and it looks like they’ll jump right into celebrating in the Season 2 premiere. However, it looks like Dom (Richard Brancatisano) might cause trouble.

In sneak-peek video from the premiere, April is on a party bus with her friends. She has plenty of reason to celebrate. In addition to her impending nuptials, she was recently hired.

“Woo, I got a job!” April screams. It seems that Danny (Abhi Sinha) helped her get a new gig somewhere after she left her reporting job last season.

Then April explains to her friends that she rented this party bus without planning a final destination. She got the bus solely for the purpose of driving around in it for a few hours. She always wanted to, and as previously reported, April is trying to live in the moment.

A song comes on the radio and Dom realizes that they’ve seen the singer together. “It was our first date, right?” he asks April. April looks pretty uncomfortable, and her fiancé doesn’t help the situation.

Leo seems to get jealous and cuts Dom off. “We actually had a little first date too, right?” Leo says. “Remember we stole that car?”

“You can say we’re like the Bonnie and Clyde of cancer,” Leo says. It clearly doesn’t get as much laughter as Leo was hoping for.

While grand theft auto definitely impresses their friends, it irritates Dom. “Leo loves stealing things,” Dom says.

Watch the sneak-peek video from the “Chasing Life” Season 2 premiere below via SpoilerTV:

“Chasing Life” Season 2 premieres Monday, July 6, at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC Family. Will Leo and Dom fight again this season? Sound off in the comments section below!