Chelsea Houska might be ready to say goodbye to MTV viewers. The “Teen Mom 2” star would be fine with the MTV docuseries ending, says her father and co-star Randy Houska. And while it doesn’t appear she’s ending her seven-season stint on the series just yet, she is no longer prepared to live out some of her more personal moments on camera.

Randy has revealed that Chelsea won’t show her wedding on the series, despite MTV’s wishes. “She drew the line. She won’t let them tape it,” Randy said of his daughter’s October wedding to fiancé Cole DeBoer. While Chelsea was adamant that her nuptials wouldn’t be recorded for television purposes, Randy said in an interview with the “Dentist, Implants and Worms” podcast,  she did have to fight for what she wanted. 

“There was a lot of fighting back and forth,” he said, as reported by Ashley’s Reality Roundup. “They certainly wanted it.”

Randy says MTV wanted to show Chelsea and Cole’s wedding so badly it even offered to pay for the affair, but Chelsea didn’t accept. “She doesn’t need it paid for,” he said. “I was very proud that she grew the balls to say no.”

While viewers won’t get to see Chelsea and Cole share their “I do's” as they’ve watched other “Teen Mom” couples do in the past, Randy promised that his daughter’s fans will get a glimpse of her big day. “They’ll go to the bachelorette party and stuff [to film],” he said. “For the wedding she agreed that she’ll send a bunch of professional still photos.”

On the heels of an explosive “Teen Mom 2” reunion, Randy said Chelsea would be fine with the show ending and likely wouldn’t star in a spinoff series with Cole. “She’s ready to quit. I don’t think I’m supposed to say that. If the series ends, she’s fine with it,” he said. The father said Chelsea is not a fan of the drama, but he admits the show has been “financially lucrative” for her family, especially for raising her 6-year-old daughter Aubree.

“She’s 24 and she has a house. That’s why she’s stuck with it,” he dished. “She’s doing well and Aubree’s all set as far as college money.”

While it remains to be seen how long Chelsea will stick with “Teen Mom 2,” her ex and Aubree’s father Adam Lind recently made it clear he’s not coming back. During the series’ Season 7 reunion special this month he refused to answer host Dr. Drew Pinsky’s questions, saying he’s done with the show.

“[I’m] not gonna give you guys what you want anymore. I’m just done with the show. I don’t want to participate in the show anymore,” Adam said, adding he was contractually obligated to show up at the reunion taping. “I’m not going to give you guys any more fuel to the fire. I want out of this life. I’m f---ing sick of it ... Money’s not even worth it anymore.”