Yesterday morning a New Jersey school bus was in a collision with a dump truck while driving students to Chesterfield Township Elementary School. The accident killed Isabelle Tezsla, the 11-year-old girl. Also involved in the accident, and in critical condition, are Tezsla's triplet sisters, Sophie and Natalie. Their father is Sgt. Anthony Tezsla, a New Jersey State Trooper.

The collision occurred around 8:20 a.m. when the bus was transporting 25 students. Impact of the vehicles caused the bus to spin and hit a traffic signal pole. The dump truck ran off the road into a field.

It's been confirmed by police that 17 students were injured in the crash. Along with Sophie and Natalie Tezsla, 11-year-old Jonathan Zdybel is listed in critical condition at Camden's Cooper University Hospital.

Police are trying to piece together the fatal accident. The collision took place at a four way intersection. The School bus had a stop sign, while the dump truck had a flashing yellow light. Currently it is unknown if the bus was trying to cross the road or turn.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie released a statement saying, The family's grief must be enormous. We can only imagine their pain and lend our support and prayers in this most difficult of times. We are sure that all of Chesterfield Township, the family of State Police men and women, and indeed residents all across New Jersey, have the Tezslas in their thoughts and prayers. Our same concerns and prayers extend to the other children aboard the bus, particularly Jonathan Zdybel, the young boy who also remains hospitalized and in critical condition.

No charges were filed, and police say that the investigation is incomplete. A community vigil was help at the Chesterfield Baptist Church on Thursday.