China, the country which can reproduce any product at a cheaper cost at that has produced the Kinect alternative called the eBox produced by Lenovo reports

How did this come about? The Chinese Ministry of Culture prohibits the sale of video game consoles and accessories in the country by any foreign company. So Lenovo is developing the eBox under it’s Beijing Eedoo Technology wing. It will be released sometime after the Chinese New Year, according to an Eedoo spokesperson.

The eBox will come with 30 games built in and a set-top camera that can detect a player's movements.The pricing will be less than the Xbox and Kinect according to Chinese reports.

What is Microsoft’s reaction to this? A spokesperson said that they were not very clear about the development and only knew what the press statement said. But reports, “I think it's all about who builds the best experiences, Microsoft Game Studios exec Phil Spencer recently told Kotaku. I don't think anybody longs to buy a piece of plastic to put under their TV. I think what it's going to be able is who has the best games and experiences for people. I think it's always been about that and should be.

 It is heard that Sony and Microsoft are doing their best to get government approvals for their consoles before they are out-marketed in China by the mighty eBox. Sources at Eedoos ay they are not worried as they are sure of selling at least 12 million of these consoles. Work out the maths, with a population of 1.3 billion that is hardly 1 per cent.