Chris Brown is back and he is going harder than ever, as can be seen from his 2012 Grammy performance. Brown took the stage and performed a medley of his songs Turn Up the Music and Beautiful People. The performance was a stark reminder of the high-energy performer Brown is. Watch performance below.

However, his performance got mixed reviews on Twitter, pretty soon womanbeater began trending on Twitter along with his name and Rihanna's.

In 2009, Brown was accused of assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna the night before they were both were to appear at the 51st Grammy Awards.

Here's what Twitter had to say about Brown's performance:


-- Chris Brown just killed his performance.

-- It's official. Chris Brown is the best dancer in pop music since MJ. And the only one bringing fresh, original moves.

Of course there were some comments that weren't so kind:

-- I fast forwarded past the abuser Chris Brown. I should have done the same for Rihanna too. #FAIL #grammys

  -- Chris brown must be off probation bcuz he's definitely within 100 feet of Rhianna..... lol stupid bruh.

-- Chris brown punch Rihanna in the throat that's why she kinda off tune

Watch Brown's performance in the video below and tell us what you think in the comments box below. Do you think it is time Brown leaves detention?

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