Chris Brown just scored a major victory over baby mama Nia Guzman in court. The pair have been battling it out over custody of their 2-year-old daughter Royalty for months, but it seems that fight may soon be coming to an end.

According to TMZ, Brown and Guzman faced off in court on Tuesday. The former model reportedly requested that the court consider limiting or restricting Brown’s custody altogether. She alleged that he is using drugs and spending time with gang members, calling him an unfit parent. The gossip site reports, however, that the judge denied her request. Brown, 26, will keep his 12 days a month with Royalty, all of which will be unsupervised.

Guzman, 31, is far from giving up, though. TMZ reports that she is still seeking more child support. She is currently being paid $2,500 per month, but would like to see it raised to $16,000. Child support has been an issue for the pair in the past as no order was put in place when Brown went public about having a child. Guzman filed documents in August 2015 seeking an amount similar to what she is asking now. Brown shut down the request, calling it “ridiculous.”

Money isn’t the only thing these two can’t seem to see eye to eye on. Brown took to Instagram on May 21 to air out some grievances over a photo Guzman posted of their daughter that he deemed risqué. The Shade Room reposted the photo along with Brown and Guzman’s responses. Brown posted the photo on his own Instagram, writing that it was “crazy” that anyone would find it acceptable to share a photo of a toddler dressed in a way that he found to be too adult. He added, “I ain’t cool wit that.” Guzman replied, explaining that Royalty is wearing her dance outfit and anyone who takes issue with that should “go pray!”


Oops #Royalty's mom clapped back at #ChrisBrown

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It remains unclear if and when Brown and Guzman will face off in court once more. The “Run It!” singer has yet to address his custody victory publicly.