A public relations representative for Nia Guzman, the mother of singer Chris Brown’s one-year-old baby girl Royalty, denied that she was in a relationship with King Ba and that she was a part of any criminal activity with him.

The spokesperson made the comments in an emailed statement to International Business Times following reports that rapper King Ba, who considers himself to be Royalty’s father and reportedly has his name on the baby girl's birth certificate, allegedly forged over $5,000 worth of U.S Treasury Checks.

"Nia has not been in a dating relationship with Ba for several months and she has no criminal record and has never took park in any criminal activity with Ba,” Guzman’s representative said in the statement. A Texas news station released a video surveillance image of Ba, asking the public to help find him.

The statement added that Guzman moved out of Texas because of fans and media persons “constantly waiting outside her apartment.”

A report Tuesday by TMZ said that Brown believes Guzman’s filing for a supervised visit for the "Loyal" singer, may backfire as Ba is a wanted man. The report added that Brown cannot wait to tell the judge that Guzman has terrible judgment as she is believed to be dating Ba. Guzman had reportedly wanted to limit Brown’s visits to Royalty as she thinks that he is irresponsible, spends time with criminals and smokes marijuana.

Brown also responded to the allegations against Ba on an Instagram post saying: “All that safety talk and not allowing me to see my daughter contradicts everything. Funny how I work a legit job and love my daughter to the fullest and I’m in her life. Well, if it ain’t the pot calling the kettle black. #goddontlikeugly.”

Earlier reports had also claimed that Brown believes Guzman, who is fighting him for sole custody of Royalty, is looking to get $15,000 a month as child support instead of the $2,500 he is paying now. The pair had agreed to $10,000 as child support earlier, but the deal fell apart because Guzman reportedly turned down Brown's visit to Royalty.

However, Guzman’s representative denied that she is looking to get more money from Brown and said in the statement that Guzman “is not trying to obtain any fame or additional money from Chris Brown other than the child support that is expected for the raising of their child.”