Singer Chris Brown has been having a tough time trying to talk to his one-year-old daughter Royalty while on tour, as the mother of the child, Nia Guzman, is not allowing him to FaceTime with his baby girl. Guzman, who is involved in a battle for custody and child support with Brown, has been demanding a hefty payout, while Brown indicated, earlier this month, that Guzman was using Royalty as a “meal ticket.”

Brown tried to get in touch with his daughter several times on Tuesday and when he got through “Nia was upset,” a source told Hollywood Life, adding that she had been trying to put Royalty  to sleep for 40 minutes and the baby woke up with the call. “‘This is not a good time, dude. You just woke her up and she’s crying,’ Nia told Chris,” the source said, according to Hollywood Life.

Chris apologized to Guzman for waking her up and reportedly said: “I’m sorry. How was I supposed to know that? But since she’s up, give her the phone. I want to sing this rhyme I made for her. It will put her back to sleep,” but Guzman refused and hung up the phone. The source added that Brown tried to call back several times but was unable to get through and was left heartbroken.

“He was hurt,” the source said, according to Hollywood Life, adding: “He cried. It was just painful for him to hear Royalty crying and knowing he couldn’t do anything to calm her down.

“He really wishes Nia could see how much she’s ripping his heart out by withholding his FaceTime sessions with Royalty,” the source added.

The feud between Brown and Guzman began after Guzman filed legal papers for Royalty, seeking full custody for her daughter. The feud heated up after Guzman initially demanded that Brown pay $15,000 a week for child support, while Brown only wanted to pay $2,500. Guzman, 31, later demanded $4,000 in support and has been keeping Royalty away from Brown.

The news about Brown fathering a love child, while in a relationship with Karrueche Tran, surfaced in March, after which the couple broke up. Brown has tried patching things up with Tran without any success.

Reports this week said that Brown has started dating his former girlfriend Rihanna, who he physically assaulted in 2009.