Karrueche Tran sitting on her new Porsche, given to her as a gift by Chris Brown. No Rihanna in sight!

It was just weeks ago that Rihanna and Chris Brown seemed on the verge of getting back together, but now new rumors are emerging: Breezy wants RiRi to step off!

At least that's what gossip site Celeb Dirty Laundry is claiming.

In a post with the headline Chris Brown Says Rihanna Is Making An Ugly Spectacle Of Herself, the site claims that Chris sent Rihanna a tweet (come to think of it, have we ever actually heard them speak to each other? are we sure they don't communicate entirely through tweets?) in which he told her to step back and stop sending nasty tweets about him and his girlfriend Karrueche. (Which of course included the infamous rice cakes tweet, which many interpreted as a racist dig at Karrueche, who is of Vietnamese heritage.)

Rihanna has overstepped the limit with Chris Brown, Celeb Dirty Laundry wrote, and he is speaking up and saying that he is well and truly sick of her.

Early in their rumored reunion (which began around the Grammy's this year, around the third year anniversary of Rihanna's infamous beating at the hands of Chris Brown), rumors emerged that Rihanna was actually the one pursuing Chris, and this piece of gossip would seem to confirm that.

Meanwhile, Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown's girlfriend, is still in the picture, and even receiving six-digit gifts from Breezy!

On March 30, Karrueche posted a photo of her sitting on a new Porsche to her Twitter account, along with the text, Me and my new b*tch.

Now, we know Chris Brown's rich, but is he so rich that he'd throw around Porsches for no reason? Probably not. Looks to us like he's trying to send a message to Rihanna: Karrueche and I are here to stay, and here's a Porsche to prove it!