“Sex and the City” garnered large ratings, two consecutive films and millions of fans worldwide, but one of the show’s stars, actor Chris Noth, said the series left him continually unimpressed.

During a recent quick-fire question interview with the Huffington Post, Noth, who starred as lead Carrie Bradshaw’s love interest Mr. Big, responded honestly to his opinions on the long-running series. “It’s positive legacy was to bring humor to all female/male relationships and humors to the politics of sex,” said Noth while discussing the show’s legacy after the recent 15-year anniversary of its premiere. “The negative was its overemphasis on the glamorization of New York City,” he said.

The 58-year-old actor went on to call the more recent and frequently compared series “Girls” a better representation of the “Sex and the City” setting. “… New York and the city almost remade itself in that image, which I find to be really boring,” said Noth. The actor went on to admit he had only watched three episodes of the Lena Dunham-created series, calling it “smart” and “interesting."

As for the famous and high fashion apparel sported by his co-star Sarah Jessica Parker's character, Noth also admitted he wasn’t a fan. “There’s a lot of fashion that’s not sexy; it’s just there to be provocative. But it’s not sexy,” he said. "A woman in a white shirt and jeans can be sexy and it may not be provocative fashion."

In 2012 the actor upset fans of the series by admitting that being approached by viewers on the street irked him, telling the Huffington Post, “Everyone for some ungodly reason wants to have a picture. On a good day I take it and on a bad day I scowl and walk away." Noth also claimed that fans who call him by his character’s name makes him “cranky.”

Noth announced his next big film role will be starring as a pedophilic priest. The actor currently stars on the CBS TV series “The Good Wife.”