In an interview with Esquire comedian Chris Rock shared his opinion on LeBron James, from his style of play to The Decision and everything in between.

Rock was interviewed by Scott Raab, Esquire's in-house Cleveland guy who has been chronicling James all year on the magazine's website (he's working on a book), as part of longer feature that covered a lot of different ground, but his comments on LeBron are extremely to the point.

When made aware of Raab's anger towards LeBron for leaving Cleveland, Rock says I don't even see what the big story is. The owner's an idiot [for not trading LeBron] since the Cavaliers could have 'literally' traded James for anyone in the NBA. Rock thinks that the Cavaliers should have attempted to trade James as soon as he refused to sign another contract extension.

Rock claims that he told Adam Sandler during the press tour of their movie Grown Ups that if Pat Riley gets him in a room, it's all over, presumably predicting LeBron's eventual Miami landing place.

When Raab maintained that everyone in Cleveland thought James would return to the team, Rock replied, why would you think he's coming back? People move from Cleveland to Miami every f****** day. They don't move from Miami to Cleveland.

However, Rock thinks that James should have signed with the Clippers, since teaming up with Wade is odd. While not explicitly saying it, Rock hints that he thinks James might not have been able to handle playing in New York since the city intimidates so many.

Rock says a lot more about the situation, and Cleveland, but perhaps the clearest statement he makes is that James's decision to conduct The Decision was an unnecessary tactic, saying he was wrong—you don't break up with your girlfriend on TV.

You can read the full interview here, or pick up the latest issue of Esquire on newstands.