The mug shot of War Machine, the MMA fighter formerly known as Jon Koppenhaver, was released after he was captured in Simi Valley. The fighter stands accused of beating ex-girlfriend Christy Mack, which left her with 18 broken facial bones, missing teeth and a ruptured liver.

War Machine, 32, was discovered  “sitting in the hotel room with a pizza and a small amount of cash,” TMZ reported. He cooperated with authorities. The fighter was taken to Ventura County jail on seven arrest warrants.

Christy Mack Pornographic actress Christy Mack, 22, shared pictures and a full statement on Monday that accused War Machine of assaulting her. Photo: Flickr/Michael Dorausch

When authorities arrived at his home in the San Diego area early Sunday to remove two of his exotic snakes, television personality Dog the Bounty Hunter, who vowed to capture the MMA fighter, was there, TMZ reported. 

Mack had been on the run for more than a week after the attack in Las Vegas. The former pornographic actress was rushed to the hospital and War Machine fled to California.

Mack was reported relieved to discover he had been caught. She feared for her life while he was missing and offered a $10,000 reward for his return. Corey Harrison of “Pawn Stars” matched her reward.

A fundraiser for Mack’s medical bills earned nearly $75,000. Though she’s been vocal on Twitter about the domestic abuse, she did not comment when police captured her estranged beau.

War Machine Mugshot War Machine (aka Jon Koppenhaver) was arrested in 2010 for assault after a bar fight in San Diego. Photo: Handout

Before his arrest War Machine denied he was involved in the assault. “I’m not a bad guy, I went to surprise my gf, help her set up her show and to give her an engagement ring and ended up fighting for my life,” he wrote in one tweet. But in a 2013 interview he “joked” about killing the adult star and in 2013 he tweeted about raping her.

Even though there is a “long road” ahead of her, Mack reportedly wants to return to pornography when she has healed. “With all the news on her and this situation, she knows that people will be more interested in her work and she will take advantage of that and get some great pay days out if it,” a source told Hollywood Life.

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