Chrysler Group is recalling 150,000 trucks, crossover wagons and SUVs in three separate campaigns over steering, stalling and airbag concerns.

Wires within the front door harness may fatigue and break, which could interrupt the circuit resulting in an airbag warning lamp or the loss of side crashing sensing, which, in turn, could result in the airbag not deploying in a crash, the carmaker said on the recall of 65,180 2009 Dodge Journey vehicles built over a 10-month period. .

The automaker said it is also recalling 56,611 2011 Ram 1500 trucks built since September 2009 because some may experience grinding sounds from the rear axle bearing, which could eventually seize and increase the risk of stalling or crashing.

The company added it will recall 22,274 2008-2011 Dodge Ram 4500 and 5500 trucks that may experience a loss of steering, due to a weakening or cracking of a tie rod part.

Few weeks ago, the carmaker recalled 76,000 Dodge Ram pickup trucks to fix a power steering issue.

Chrysler informed that owners can call (800) 853-1403 for more information