The teenage hackers who published CIA Director John Brennan's email inbox are going after more top government and law enforcement officials. The group, which calls itself Crackas With Attitude, said it's hacking into accounts in retaliation for the FBI investigation into the group.

The hackers, who said they were high when they broke into Brennan's AOL account, told Vice Motherboard Wednesday they've infiltrated a personal email account belonging to FBI Deputy Director Mark Giuliano. They said they obtained a Comcast email under Giuliano's wife's name and used information found there to break into his account, though the claims could not immediately be verified.

The FBI has declined to confirm or deny that Giuliano was hacked, although one hacker said he found the deputy director's phone number in the email records.

“I called it and asked for Mark, and he's like, 'I don't know you, but you better watch your back,' and then he hung up, and I kept calling, and he was getting mad, then he didn't pick up,” the hacker told Motherboard, adding that he had broken into the account in response to the government's fury with the Brennan hack. 

This comes after Crackas With Attitude told the New York Post it was trying to hack into Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work's email account. Work, the No. 2 official at the Pentagon, has been one of the most visible government officials when it comes to tracing cyberattacks back to China, Russia, North Korea and elsewhere.

“I think they'll want to make an example out of him to deter people from doing this in the future,” one law enforcement previously told the Post of Crackas With Attitude. “I can't believe he did this to the head of the CIA.”