A Brazilian MMA fighter climbed out of the cage to avoid completing a fight against a tough opponent.

Claudinei Angelo (4-5) was slated to fight Evilasio Silva (8-12) in a featherweight bout at JF Fight Evolution in Juiz de Fora, Brazil, last Saturday, SB Nation reports. On paper, the fight seemed quite even—neither MMA combatant possesses a particularly impressive record. However, Angelo quickly discovered that a fight with Silva was more than he could handle.

Silva dominated Angelo to such an extent that referee Flavio Alemendra stopped the fight twice to allow the fighter to regain his composure, the Daily Mail reports. At some point during the fight, Silva caught Angelo in a compromising position and struck him with a straight right hand, knocking him to the canvas.

As Silva moved forward to tie Angelo up against the cage, the wounded fighter reportedly asked the referee for a time out; it appears that Angelo’s mouthpiece fell to the mat after the punch. SB Nation notes that Angelo appeared to spit out his mouthpiece in order to get a break from Silva’s onslaught, something that he had already done twice before during the bout.

However, Almendra refused to stop the fight, which prevented Angelo from retrieving his mouthpiece. And so, rather than continue the fight, Angelo decided to leave the cage. When he discovered that the door to the cage was locked, Angelo responded by climbing over the cage and leaving the arena.

Angelo’s decision to scale the cage is already a hit on YouTube. The video of the incident was viewed nearly 90,000 times by Tuesday, the Daily Mail notes. The Brazilian MMA fighter’s antics can be viewed below.