Clearwire Corp expects to snag another round of funding late this year or early 2011 and may raise as much as $2 billion from selling wireless spectrum, according to its finance chief Erik Prusch.

Clearwire, which is 54 percent owned by Sprint Nextel , needs billions of dollars more funding to complete construction of its high-speed wireless network even after a $1.3 billion debt offering last week.

It is considering an equity investment from a strategic partner like Sprint and a sale of wireless airwaves that it does not need for its service.

Prusch said the company is half way though a spectrum auction and has had interest from several partners who are doing due diligence.

We would be looking to find up to $2 billion from a sale, Prusch told reporters after his presentation at a UBS investor conference, adding that it was still not clear if Clearwire would look for both equity funding and a spectrum sale.

The question is whether we close either or both, Prusch said.

(Reporting by Sinead Carew; editing by Derek Caney)