Hollywood star George Clooney, 50, is back and this time he is both directing and starring, in a film based on a play - Farragut North - written by Beau Willimon. 

Clooney will play the role of Gov. Morris, a presidential candidate; the role, as well as the subject of the film, is believed to have references to his own political ambitions.

The film, The Ides of March, will also star Ryan Gosling (who plays a character willing to do anything to help Gov. Morris win the Ohio primary and clinch the Democratic nomination), the experienced Philip Seymour Hoffman (who plays Gov. Morris' campaign manager), Paul Giamatti (as Gov. Morris' opponent in the political race) and Marisa Tomei (who plays an aggressive political reporter). The film also stars Evan Rachel Wood, as an intern.

Mostly we're reflecting the moods of our country and our world. And if this film reflects some of the cynicism, that's probably good -- it's not a bad thing to hold up a mirror to our politicians, said Clooney, in an interview with Movie Fanatic.

The world premiere of his political drama, The Ides of March, took place at the 2011 Venice Film Festival, where the actor faced questions about his political ambition.

As for running for President, look - there is a guy in office right now who is smarter than almost anybody you know, who has more compassion than almost anybody you know and he is having an almost impossible time governing, said Clooney, at a press conference in Venice, downplaying his own political ambitions.