Google Inc. released two new tools on Monday that are designed to make it easier for users to find the information - or images - they're searching for.

The first new tool, called Google News Timeline lets users organize results from Google News and other sources in new ways, according to a blog posted by Andy Hertzfeld, a Google software engineer.

The tool lets users pull in news results from current sources as well as from archived blogs, newspapers, magazines and even movies and music, Google said. The tool allows users to search by setting a time scale to get results from a specific number of days, weeks, years or decades. The scale can also be set to bring in results only from a particular year.

Essentially, the company said, it's a zoomable, graphical timeline of information.

The second tool, Similar Images can be used to more easily find images that might be difficult to put into words for a regular search.

Using visual similarity, you don't have to refine the text of your search, instead, you can just click on the link of an image you like.

For example, if you search for jaguar, you can use the Similar images link to quickly narrow your search. You might try exploring the pyramids of Egypt or discovering the Forbidden City. Or you might go shopping for an elegant evening gown or that perfect pair of shoes. So if you see an image you like, but you're stumped on how to describe it, just click the Similar Images link to see more like it.

This kind of visual search is similar to, an online shopping site, but the tool has potential to be more powerful with Google, as the search giant already has an impressive library of pictures.