China National Petroleum Corporation estimated the company's losses caused by the strong earthquake that happened in Southwest China last week might reache 1.78 billion Yuan(255 million U.S. dollars).

CNPC issued a statement on Monday that the company's business of the oil and gas, refining, marketing, and other enterprises affected by varying degrees due to the earthquake in Sichuan, Shaanxi, Gansu and Chongqing provinces.

CNPC also said that as of Sunday, five people of the company were killed and 44 others were injured, and another five were missing.

There are a total of 908 gas stations were damaged, and 65 were decommissioned, as well as 47 oil depots were damaged. In oil and gas fields 165 oil and gas station, a purification plant and 71 oil and gas pipeline were damaged.

As for the production, CNPC is China's largest oil company.