The U.S. soft drink giant Coca-Cola has exhibited its secret formula at its World of Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta for the first time, much to the joy of its signature drink fans.

But visitors to the museum shouldn't have high expectations from the exhibit as they will see only the metal box that contains the recipe, while the original recipe remains hidden from view. The metal box that holds the closely guarded secret formula of the beverage was housed in an Atlanta bank vault from 1925 until recently.

It is back to home time for the 125-year-old recipe that was housed in the SunTrust bank, which also held the public shares of the company since 1925. The return marks the 125th anniversary celebrations of Coca-cola.

This is a special day in Coca-Cola history, and the time has come for the secret formula to come back home, chief executive Muhtar Kent said on the occasion. 

Visitors can see the vault that houses the secret recipe from a distance of seven feet.

Coca-Cola was created in 1886 by John Pemberton, a pharmacist, but the formula was written down only in 1919, when it was pledged as collateral to secure a bank loan.

The secret original formula is believed to have two key ingredients, caffeine from kola nuts and cocaine traces from coca leaves.

Though all the ingredients of the original recipe are not used in the beverage anymore, the curiosity over the magic formula and its secret elements remains.