The premiere of USA's "Colony" did not waste any time setting up some juicy storylines for Season 1 of Carlton Cuse's alien occupation drama. While former "Lost" star Josh Holloway may be the face on the poster, it was Will Bowman's wife, Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies of "The Walking Dead"), who stole the show in episode 1. It was also revealed the resourceful survivor is keeping a very big secret: She is part of the Resistance, the same Resistance that her husband has just been hired to hunt down!

Cuse, the series' co-creator and executive producer, spoke with International Business Times before the premiere and explained why Will and Katie are keeping secrets from each other. 

"I think they definitely have different philosophies about how to approach this issue. I think Katie feels she has to do something. She can't just be a passive participant in this occupation," Cuse explained to IBT. "Will's attitude is 'I will collaborate because I'm going to benefit from collaborating and I'm going to learn a bunch of things and get all this new information that is going to help me with my ultimate plan, which is to put my family back together and make sure we survive.' " 

Cuse says at the end of the day, Will and Katie are no different from any other married couple. 

"The [show] is really about a marriage where there are secrets and there is space between them that they have to deal with. She is keeping a secret from him, but Will was also keeping a secret in that he did not tell her he was going to try and get Charlie back. You have a couple that love each other, but are not emotionally aligned when the series starts."

While hopefully the couple can find a way to work together to save their family, their differences might be a source of tension as the series moves along. 

"There are a lot of dilemmas that cross both their paths. It is not like they are acting independent of each other. We tried to not paint anything black or white. The Resistance is not this homogenous group all marching in lockstep towards one goal. People have different attitudes about what is effective resistance and the goals of resistance and the methodology of resistance," says Cuse. "Will's entire career has been engaged in conflict and law and order. He is well equipped and seasoned in physical conflict. Katie is not. This is a new world she is traversing in. Part of the methodology of the Resistance is to engage in violence." 

Will Katie tell Will her big secret? Fans will have to wait to find out. "Colony" airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. EST on USA.

Watch the trailer for "Colony" below: