Oprah Winfrey is not only a successful entertainer on television, she is also a smart businesswoman.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that CBS Corp. is asking for $1 million for 30 seconds of national commercial time for the final week of Oprah's TV show in May.

This rate rivals the ones at events such as the Academy Awards, for which buyers paid between $1.7 million and $.8 million for a 30-second spot earlier in the year, reports the Wall Street Journal.

CBS Corp., which distributes the show, said the last week of the show would be a must-watch television event as the legendary show comes to an end.

The final episode of 'Oprah' - in face the final week of 'Oprah' will be a TV event, CBS Spokeswoman Leslie Ryan said in an email to Young Money.

Ryan refused to comment on the asking price for commercials.

The $1 million price is a record for a daytime television show, though not as expensive as some series finales during primetime hours.

A 30-second commercial slot during the 2004 finale of Friends cost advertisers approximately $2 million.

Like the Super Bowl of the finales of 'Friends' or 'Frasier,' advertisers are always anxious to be part of event shows and the huge ratings they garner, Ryan said.