Community fans are planning a flash mob at Rockefeller Center on Thursday afternoon to save the show, which has been pulled from NBC's midseason schedule.

Show devotees plan to gather at 30 Rock at 1 p.m. for the event, which is being promoted via #OccupyNBC and #SaveCommunity hashtags on Twitter. Organizers are also spreading the word with a Craigslist announcement, a Community flash mob Facebook page (which listed 49 confirmed attendees as of Tuesday morning) and a Save Community blog.

Organizers hope flash mobbers will bring tiny Christmas trees and sport faux goatees in honor of the show.

Community aired its Glee-spoofing holiday episode, Regional Holiday Music, on December 8. Though the network has said it expects the show to return, it has not said when.

The ratings-challenged series averaged around 3.6 million viewers for the first ten episodes of this season, its third.