After a three-and-a-half-month long hiatus Community is back with new episodes on NBC thursday night and on the morning after. Check out interviews with Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs and other cast members (Chevy Chase, Donald Glover) recorded while on set filming the end of season three as well as the season's 11th episode. The new episode, which, will be posted at the webpage on Friday morning, March 16, follows Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) as she attempts to master both Urban Marriage and the Sandwich Arts.

The plot of Thursday night's episode revolves around Shirley as she weighs her priorities and tries to balance the demands of her family and business. After her husband, Andre proposes a second wedding she asks the study group for help organizing the ceremony, while she also considers going into the food service industry with Pierce (Chevy Chase). Her decisions affect the other characters as well. Jeff and Britta struggle with their own feelings towards marriage and get embarrassingly drunk in the process, while Abed and Troy attempt to respect Shirley's request that they act normal, for once, at her wedding.

Individual interviews with cast members on Hulu include Joel McHale thanking the show's fans for reviving Community and Yvetee Nicole Brown, talking about Community fan fiction. You can also watch clips from new and old episodes.

The ensemble sitcom was taken off production for failing to attract strong viewership, but redeemed by passionate fans who missed the quirky characters so much they organized protests both online and with a flash mob at the company's New York office to save Community. Now the show has returned to NBC, at least long enough to finish the third season and provide an ending that satisfies the sitcom's most diehard fans.