Conservative candidate Jerry Bance has dropped out of the race for Canada's Parliament after a video of him urinating in a coffee mug resurfaced on Reddit, the Huffington Post Canada reported on Monday. Hidden cameras for the CBC show “Marketplace” captured the footage three years ago of Bance relieving himself in this ad hoc fashion.

Bance will no longer appear on the ballot in Scarborough Rouge Park, a district of Toronto. At the time the footage was filmed, Bance had been working as an appliance repairman. He was caught on film urinating in a homeowner’s coffee mug while on a service repair call for a broken dishwasher. After peeing in the mug, Bance poured the urine down the sink and rinsed the cup afterward. The video, originally filmed for a 2012 episode of CBC’s “Marketplace,” resurfaced on Reddit on Sunday.

“I guess that this was one mug shot that Canadians weren’t expecting from Conservatives,” said New Democrat leader Thomas Mulcair, the Huffington Post Canada reported. “He must be someone who’s adept at Stephen Harper’s trickle-down theory of economics.”




Bance released a statement on Sunday evening, saying he deeply regretted his actions and that the footage does not reflect who he is as a professional and a person. The hashtag #peegate was soon trending on Twitter as the story went viral.  

Hours later, the Conservative Party dropped another Toronto candidate, Tim Dutaud, after a video of him making prank phone calls using derogatory comments about people with disabilities surfaced on YouTube, CBC reported.




“What this says is that we keep the highest standards for candidates and that these two individuals are no longer candidates," Conservative leader Stephen Harper said when asked about the former candidates, CBC reported.