The New York State Conservative Party released the following statement denouncing the passage of same-sex marriage in New York:

Today is a disheartening day for New Yorkers. Some will celebrate the fact that the long-standing definition of marriage has been changed, but New Yorkers will soon realize that the inevitable decline of the family will not be celebrated. Traditional marriage has served humanity for eons, has celebrated the joy of procreation and offered a Mother and Father the means to provide for their children. The stability of the family has helped every aspect of society. Government has a genuine role to keep society safe; it does not have a justifiable role to undermine what has been the foundation of society.

In 1970, some New Yorkers celebrated the passage of a right to abortion in the first trimester in New York State, now, forty- one years later, we cannot pass a law in New York State that would end the barbaric procedure known as partial birth abortion.

We question how marriage will be defined in the future. Moreover, we question what will be the effect on society. Passage of this legislation, in our view, will cause irreversible damage to our economy, educational system and the family.