The name of Continental Airlines faded into history as its computerized operations got connected to United Airlines.

Ever since the two airlines merged in 2010, they have been working towards the single airline model. Subsequent to this integration, Continental's Web site - - also has ceased to exist with Web users automatically redirected to

The last flight of Continental (Flight1267) departed from Phoenix at 11:59 p.m. PST Friday and arrived in Cleveland as United 1267 Saturday morning.

As part of the integration process, Continental's OnePass frequent-flier program was also incorporated into United's new MileagePlus program.

The new integrated system has resulted in generating a few hiccups for the customers. The system conversion involves moving millions of reservations and re-establishing numerous communications links, United spokesman Rahsaan Johnson said.

The vast majority of this work is going well, and we are resolving technical issues that we are identifying during this process, he added.

There were also isolated accounts of delays of flights with United as well as reports of long queues in ticket counters.