The Pokémon Company has just updated the official “Pokémon Sun and Moon” website and added some of the new features shown in the latest teaser trailer to the Cool Features section. There’s the colorful hangout called Festival Plaza, fun-filled islands of Poké Pelago and the big reveal on how Mega Evolutions could be unlocked to join the games.

In the trailer, Festival Plaza is presented as a place where players can have fun together. Captain Sophocles, the Festival Plaza owner, is also shown in the trailer. According to him, this feature is a secret place where players can come to play using communications features and even earn coins by accomplishing requests of other players.

The Pokémon Company stated on the games’ official website that players can battle and trade in Festival Plaza, where the festivities are never-ending. The company also noted how this feature enables Trainers from all over the world to meet and mingle. When players take requests and accomplish them, they can earn Festival Coins which they can spend in the stores found in the area. Collecting a significant number of Festival Coins could also unlock rewards and increase one’s rank. A high-ranking player can host missions for multiple players. Global missions that will be held every now and then are also mentioned on the games’ website.

Another feature that is showcased in the new teaser trailer is Poké Pelago, which is dubbed as the paradise for Pokémon in PC boxes. In the trailer, a character named Mohn appears to be in charge of explaining how Trainers can bring their deposited Pokémon into Poké Pelago. Mohn explains in the clip that Poké Pelago mainly comprises three small islands: Isle Abeens (where players can attract Wild Pokémon), Isle Aphun (where players can search for valuable items) and Isle Evelup (where players can leave their Pokémon for training).

On the official website, more details about Poké Pelago are presented. The feature is described as a place where Pokémon can play on athletic equipment and enjoy other fun activities. What’s quite interesting is how Poké Pelago is not just limited to the three isles, since The Pokémon Company specified that Trainers can develop new kinds of isles where more useful items can be found and were Trainers can raise their Pokémon well.

Meanwhile, as it turns out the previous leak about Mega Evolutions is actually genuine. The latest teaser trailer has confirmed that Mega Evolutions are joining the action in the Alola region when “Pokémon Sun” and “Pokémon Moon” arrive this November. A character named Sina could even be seen in the trailer clip explaining how Trainers can achieve Mega Evolution for their Pokémon. According to Sina, the Z-Ring that is used in activating Z-Power can also be used to activate Mega Evolution.

The Pokémon Company explained further on the “Pokémon Sun and Moon” website that Mega-Evolving Pokémon caught in the Alola region can Mega Evolve as long as the Trainer is in possession of the proper Mega Stone for it. There are two ways to collect Mega Stones in the Alola region: receive some from other people in the region or buy some from special shops. Mega Evolution can only be triggered once for each battle, so Trainers are advised to use this feature wisely.

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