Cougartown star Courtney Cox called into Howard Stern's morning radio show on Wednesday and revealed some intimate details about her sex life, or lack thereof, reported E!News. The actress was scheduled to talk to the host with her co-star, Christa Miller, but it was no surprise that the conversation ventured into her sex life.

I'm holding to it, she confessed on the show. I've not had a man since David. She split from ex-husband David Arquette about a year ago. Cox added that she has only made out with one guy who she said was maybe Josh Hopkins, her co-star and the man who's been tied to Cox through rumors about a budding romance. Cox claimed there have been no prospects to woo her out of her celibacy.

No guy's asked me out, the actress said. I'm not saying I'm not ready to have a make-out session, it just makes me nervous. I don't like to go out in general. I have sexual feelings, there's ways to deal with that. It's time for me to get out there. It's not easy to meet people. They don't call me.

She did spill that she had a crush on comedian Jimmy Kimmel, after her co-star Christa Miller prodded her into admitting it and sharing that Cox found him sexy.

I like his smile, he has a nice smile, Cox admitted. Yet she said she is still uncomfortable about delving into new relationships. I'm really not ready, I'm still's hard, she said. I was in a marriage for a very long time and just because we ended up growing apart for reasons of...we just led separate lives and we have different compatibility issues, I'm just not there.

The actress said her ex-husband Arquette has urged her to move on and has said he has no qualms with whoever she feels would be a good choice for her.

He even says to me, 'Courtney, it's time, get out there, she said.

Arquette has been dating Entertainment Tonight reporter Christina McLarty, and has appeared happy with his move. She's adorable, he told Howard Stern, in an interview excerpted by E! Online. I'm not one to run around with different girls. I like someone that makes me feel good and that I can make feel good.

Though sexless since Arquette, Cox has clarified that she does not wish to rekindle her dissolved marriage and is not jealous of her ex-husband's new flame.

This is awkward, because I actually probably feel like his girlfriend's listening, besides the millions of other people, she said. There is a huge part of me that ... there's a huge part of my life with David, no question, but I feel like right now our relationship is probably better than it would be if we lived together. It's definitely better than it used to be.