Courtney Stodden and her mother Krista Keller appeared on the Lifetime series “The Mother/Daughter Experiment” to work on their relationship, but Keller doesn’t like the way she was edited on the show. To set the record straight, she is writing a tell-all book so people will know the true nature of her relationship with Stodden’s husband, “Green Mile” actor Doug Hutchison.

For one, she and Hutchison did not have sex. Keller maintained their bond was emotional. She was there for Hutchison to talk to when he needed someone. "I'm going to tell the complete story so that people will understand why this happened and how it happened,” she told Radar Online in an exclusive interview Friday. "Five years ago when he really needed somebody to talk to, we talked. It would be different if we were kissing and having sex." 

Keller said she was guilty only of spoiling her daughter, who is now pregnant with her first child. “She was a baby we never really thought we would have. Courtney was over-indulged. Sometimes when you over-indulge, people mistake that for a bad childhood,” Keller said. “She had a lot of love.”

In fact, Stodden might have had too much love, which is why Keller named her book, “Too Much.” She explained to Radar Online: “When I was a child, I didn't have all the things Courtney had, and I wanted to make sure that she had the things I didn't have. I over-reacted. I gave her too much, but did everything from love."

But their relationship remains as “strained” as ever. Stodden, 21, insinuated her mother leaked her pregnancy news in May. "I am four weeks along in my pregnancy. It's exciting news for sure, but it's a lot for me to hold at the moment,” she told Fish Wrapper. “This is the time you need love and comfort from your family and friends ... especially from your own mother. The fractured relationship I have with my mom continues to cause me a lot of stress physically and emotionally." 

For those who don't know, Keller allowed Stodden to marry Hutchison when she was 16 years old. There's a 35-year age gap between the husband and wife. If that wasn't enough of a yuck factor, Keller is the same age as her daughter's husband.

She did not give a release date for her book.

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