An American Airlines passenger left the airport in handcuffs Saturday after he tried to open the plane’s door while it was still descending, CBS-affiliate WCCO-TV reported the following day. The plane was flying from Los Angeles to Minneapolis.

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The incident was caught on a cell phone video, thanks to passenger Richard Munassi. He whipped out his mobile device when he heard the unruly passenger cause a commotion.

At first, Munassi thought the incident was a fight between two passengers. “There was a lot of yelling and screaming. I thought perhaps two of the passengers had gotten into maybe a fist fight,” he told WCCO.

It wasn’t long until he realized a passenger was trying to open the exit door while the plane was descending. “It wasn't immediately after (the pilot) letting us know that we were in descent. It was a couple of minutes afterward, so he had a plan to open that door as we were getting close to the ground,” Munassi said.

A different passenger, Salman Elmi, said he heard someone threaten physical harm against the man trying to open the door. “It was a crazy experience,” Elmi told WCCO. “I just hear shouting, ‘I'm about to punch him.’”

It’s unclear how flight attendants were able to calm the irate man down, but WCCO noted they “subdued” him. When the plane finally landed, it was rough.

“We came in hot, probably the hottest landing I've ever been on and I fly all the time,” Munassi recalled. “Everyone was dead quiet on the flight. You could cut the tension with a knife.”

The man who tried to open the door was not identified. In the video, he can be shown wearing sunglasses. He was escorted off the plane by police officers and reportedly didn’t show any emotion. He didn’t resist arrest and went with them calmly. He didn’t say a word, either.

Elmi and Munassi agreed American Airlines handled the incident well. “I think American Airlines did a great job, especially the pilot of the plane kind of keeping everything in order and keeping everyone calm,” said Munassi.

A frequent flyer, Munassi is not afraid to fly with American Airlines again. “Honestly, I'm just happy that I'm here today and nothing happened to our flight and I'm happy to be here,” he said.

The incident will be investigated by the FBI since it occurred in the air, a Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) spokesperson told WCCO.

American Airlines did not provide additional information when asked for comment. “You will have to contact the FBI for additional details,” they said in statement through email to International Business Times Monday. The FBI did not immediately respond to IBT for a comment.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.

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