If the “Twilight” movies never scared you before, the newly released footage of a never-before-seen animatronic cast member may change your mind.

In honor of the release of the Twilight Forever DVD, Summit Entertainment unveiled one of their filmmakers failed creations on the set of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2.” The mechanical doll, made to play the role Renesmee Cullen, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan’s newborn daughter in the feature film, was not-so-lovingly deemed “Chuckesme” by cast members; the moniker inspired by the notorious horror movie character, “Chucky.”

“Chuckesme is one of the most grotesque, animatronic babies ever to not be seen on film,” said "Twilight" producer Wyck Godrey in the Blu-ray “Twilight Forever” box set clip. According to Godrey, who has served as a producer for all five of the supernatural films, the doll was nixed by filmmakers after only one day on set. “We ended up pulling this thing out on the day and shooting it [but] the second you’re holding it up, you realize this is never going to work. No fake thing is ever going to do the trick,” he said.

According to Godfrey, filmmaker struggled with bringing the character of Renemsee to life, an immortal half-human, half-vampire child that ages at an abnormal speed. “You’re trying to create something that’s otherworldly with Renesmee in the movie that has to be kind of naturally intelligent, yet still look like a baby, but actually look like a little bit mature baby than one would be at one-day-old,” said Wyck.

“Chuckesme” not a hit with producers, “Twilight” star Nikki Reed was also not a fan. “I understand the theory behind it to have this little creature that does all the hand movements and stuff,” said the actress, who explained the awkwardness of working with the mechanical doll before filmmakers brought in real children to portray the role of young Renesmee. “I’m holding like a 60-pound mechanical doll and me the doll have to move our bodies at the same time. I’ve got two men sitting right below me doing puppet stuff with her hands… It’s really difficult for me,” she said.

"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2" was released in theaters in November 2012 with Mackenzie Foy, 12, playing the role of grown-up Renesmee Cullen.