The Critics' Choice Awards took place Thursday from the Hollywood Palladium where, less than a day after the Oscar nominations, the critics had their chance to honor the year's best in movies. Like most award shows, many movie stars showed up to present the various awards, but things got a little awkward when Josh Gad and Leslie Mann took the stage to present Best Action Movie and Best Actor in an Action Movie. The pair performed an uncomfortable sketch referencing Gad's role in the 2013 smash animated hit "Frozen."

In the presumably pre-written sketch, Gad attempted to present the awards while Mann heckled the actor about his role as snowman Olaf in "Frozen."

"Olaf! You were so good in frozen. My favorite line is when you say 'some people are worth melting for'. It was so good it was beautufil … My husband never says stuff like that," said Mann. "Will you say that to me?"

Gad's reply pretty much summed up what everyone in the room and watching at home was thinking. 

"This is extremely awkward," answered Gad.

Gad then said the line from the movie, however it wasn't up to Mann's standards. She requested that he redo it.

"I'm doing it like I did in the movie," said a seemingly confused Gad.

The duo's awkward chemistry and equally uncomfortable sketch wasn't the only thing that had viewers flinching during the Critics' Choice Awards. Host Michael Strahan's opening bit also left some with an incredulous look on their face. The host came out flanked with male strippers in reference to his upcoming appearance in the "Magic Mike" sequel. He then proceeded to joke about working with various actors in the crowd, prompting Michael Keaton to call the moment "uncomfortable" while accepting an award for Best Ensemble for "Birdman." 

Why so much awkwardness at the Critic's Choice Awards? Perhaps the morning's Oscar nominations and subsequent snub controversy had everyone feeling on edge. Whatever the reason, it resulted in an unexpectedly entertaining show. 

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