michael strahan critics choice
Michael Strahan kicked off the 2015 Critics' Choice Awards with a nod to "Magic Mike XXL." Reuters

Not many people expected the 2015 Critics’ Choice Awards to have a sexy entrance, but the awards show kicked off with a nod to “Magic Mike XXL.” Host Michael Strahan was came out with a group of male dancers who ripped their clothes off in a nod to the movie.

Strahan went about his opening monologue without much sexual innuendo until the ending. The “Live! with Kelly and Michael” TV personality brought his opening back to his upcoming stripper flick before he announced the presenters for the Best Ensemble Cast category.

“You know I don’t have many lines, but who needs lines when you have legs like this?” Strahan asked before ripping his pants off.

While plenty of audience members like Jessica Chastain were cracking up, Michael Keaton wasn’t as impressed. His film “Birdman” won for Best Ensemble Cast immediately after Strahan's striptease.

“Considering how extremely uncomfortable that opening was ... ” Keaton started his speech.

Check out photos of Strahan’s performance below: