There is always a crazy fashion trend that becomes the piece of the moment, but could Croc Martens be the next big thing? Pictures of the shoe boot hybrid have been surfacing around the net and it seems like shoe lovers everywhere are having mixed reactions.

According to Dangerous Minds, the image of the shoe appears to be photoshopped, but that didn’t stop the site from bashing the shoes that can be seen as either hideous or a work of art.

Dr. Martens are immensely popular among just about everyone — whether you are a prep, hipster, rocker or fall into your own unique style category, the boots have always been appealing to the eye. What was initially created to be a work boot has also long doubled as a fashion statement.

Meanwhile, Crocs are for the more laid back crowd and that is in no way a bad thing. Crocs are popular shoes known for being soft and comfortable. They are also made with the unique Croslite material which also makes the shoes lightweight, non-marking and odor-resistant.

Mash these two shoes together and you get Croc Martens. However, could the addition of this footwear to the fashion world be a blessing or a curse?

Why Croc Martens are a Blessing

This shoe can be the go-to accessory when the seasons are transitioning. Think about the time when summer is turning into fall and you want to wear some boots with your favorite jeans but it’s too hot and you’re not in the mood for sweaty feet. Croc Martens would come in handy because not only would you be wearing a combination of two popular brands but the holes in the crocs would give your feet ventilation. Also, thanks to the Croslite material, you’ll never have to worry about airing out your boots.

Why Croc Martens are a Curse

Being realistic, the shoes look kind of odd, which honestly may not stop people from buying them. Everyone hated Uggs in the beginning and nowadays if you don’t own a pair you know at least one person who does. With that being said, this shoe that is uneasy on the eyes to some may catch on quickly, forcing you to deal with seeing a pair on the street every day. Also, as the season gets colder it’s going to become more difficult to wear them and you run the risk of your feet becoming dry and possibly cracked. Of course you could always wear socks with the Croc Martens, but at that point you might as well just put on actual boots.

Croc Martens have not been confirmed by either company but there are sure to be some mixed opinions if the footwear is ever manufactured.