Crysis 3, the third installment in the action shooter series, was accidentally leaked onto its own Origin website this morning. The unannounced game was accidentally revealed, as spotted by game forum NeoGAF.

When searching on Google for Crysis 3 limited edition download origin, EA's download service featured the game for both Xbox 360 and PC platforms. This leaves it unclear whether or not the game will be available for PlayStation 3 owners. The page has since been taken down, with a Product No Longer Available prompt in its place.

The leak revealed the price for the upcoming game, which is said to be sold at $49.99.

A NeoGAF poster also found a high-resolution image of the game's protagonist geared up in the nano-suit attire, said to be the temporary Origin box art. This month's issue of Swedish gaming magazine Game Reactor also seems to confirm the leak. The overseas publication teased the release leading some to believe that a reveal will come as soon as next week. With an exclusive announcement is said to surface in the April 16th issue, fans are sure to build excitement.

A launch in the near future does seem likely, as Crytek's General Manager Nick Button-Brown said that an absolutely fantastic project announcement would be unveiled later this month, reported UberGizmo.

EA has not yet been reached for comment.