The day has finally arrived. For weeks, fans of MTV’s “The Challenge” have been anxiously awaiting the return of Chris “CT” Tamburello. After starring in countless promos for the latest season of the competition reality series, the veteran competitor will make his highly anticipated cameo in Wednesday’s episode of “The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines.”

While viewers will have to wait until the episode airs to find out the details of CT’s cameo — here’s everything we know about it so far! — CT is speaking out about his decision to return to the program. According to the Boston native, his comeback is all about honoring his late “Challenge” competitor and on-again, off-again girlfriend, Diem Brown.

“Originally, I didn’t think I was going to do anything related to TV anymore,” CT told MTV. As most “Challenge” viewers will remember, CT last appeared on the “Exes 2” version of the show in January 2015. His partner, Diem, fell ill during taping and both they were eliminated from the game. Diem was soon after diagnosed with stomach and colon cancer. She lost her third battle to the disease in November 2014. “After what had happened, I basically dug myself into a hole and detached myself from everything,” CT explained of his grief. 

ct and diem CT returns to to MTV's "The Challenge" to pay tribute to late competitor Diem Brown. Above: the former couple poses together for an "Exes 2" promo shot. Photo: MTV

Despite initially planning to stay off the show, CT said he needed closure and felt going back to the show was the best way to let his fans know he's "okay."

“I felt some sort of sense of closure – not just for me. Not to move on, but to move forward — with everybody online and the support from everybody and from everyone who has followed D and me,” CT said. “People watched us grow – watched her grow, watched me grow, watched us grow.”

While CT didn’t reveal any spoilers about his role — he will appear alongside Diem’s little sister Faith — he said his tribute to Diem couldn’t be more perfect. “If I was going to do it, I can’t think of a better way to do it. Where it all started."

Fans can watch a sneak peek of CT and Faith’s arrival HERE. “The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines” airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.