There's a trash-talking doll on the shelves of Toys R Us stores across the nation that has moms outraged. Concerned parents say that one of the innocent looking You & Me Triplets -- the pink one -- is a cursing baby doll that appears to say the phrase Hey crazy b--ch when activated.

Some parents have reportedly called for the potty-mouthed doll, also sold at online shops like Amazon, to be destroyed.

The packaging for the You & Me Interactive Triplet Dolls - which sell for up to $50 -- indicates the dolls are for children ages two and up. The box makes no mention of any explicit language.

It doesn't sound like baby babble to me, one Los Angeles mother told Fox.

Oh, absolutely. She's calling them a crazy b--ch, an Orlando, Florida mom told Local 6 news.

I think they should be burned, another mother told the station, adding I would like to write the [toy maker] a letter.

When the controversial doll isn't using the b-word (or something like it), she makes cooing and giggling noises.

Toys R Us said it's received a number of complaints about the doll, but added that the doll is just making baby talk - not using any expletives. It does not plan to remove the doll off its shelves. However, the store said in a statement that concerned parents can return the cursing baby doll if they still have the receipt.

One Arkansas lawyer, Joey McCutchen, is suing Toys R Us on the grounds of misrepresentation, negligence and breach of contract. The child of one of his clients bought the toy several weeks ago. He's made a video (below) urging Toys R Us to remove the doll from its shelves.

Have a listen for yourself. Do you think the baby doll is cursing? Share your thoughts in the comments below.